Buyers Information

From making the decision to buy a home all the way through Closing and moving in to your new home these tools will be of great use along the way.

Buyers Information

Buyers Matrix

How Much can you afford to Spend?

Mortgage Calculator website: 

During the buying process there are different Fee’s that Buyers need to keep in mind. The Inspection is one of the Fee’s that needs to be expected by the Buyer. The inspection usually will cost around $300 depending on the Inspector and the type of Inspection performed. Below are the Inspectors we refer to:

Mortgage company’s will usually require Buyers to pay for the appraisal up front which is around $450 depending on the Lender. The Lenders we refer to are:

Matthew Hibler, 303-409-1300 Coldwell Banker Home Loans

Blase Deroco, 303-783-3983 Ideal Home Loans

Stacey King, 303-796-1201 Wells Fargo

People often think they need 10-20% to put down in order to Purchase a home and that is not the case for most. There are a lot of Down Payment assistance company’s available and most of our Buyers only come out of Pocket $1700 to Close on a home.

If you are just interested in Searching for homes here are some links to sites for that!

And for I Phone Users feel free to download a great APP! When it asks for the login or password it is 007052. On the app store look for Home App For Me. It should be coming soon for Droid as well.

We also have plenty of other vendors to refer you to for Tax and Legal advice, Home improvement Needs and questions, or Event Planners for your house warming party! We Look forward to helping with the purchase.


About kinslowii

I am a 26 year old Realtor in Denver CO, I was born in Aspen and I currently live in South East Aurora. I work with first time buyers, investors and anyone who does not want to deal with the Realtor from 1977, although I can wear plaid pants if it makes you feel better. I use technology to support my clients and I work a full time job in Real Estate. Listing Luxury homes as well as Rental units for investors cover's my experience from the lowest price ranges in the Denver metro all the way through the High End and everywhere in the middle. Real Estate Advice & Opinions Get this Widget
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