The Denver Nine News Parade of Lights

Denvers Parade of Lights is Absolutely a Must See!  It’s usually the first weekend in December. This year (2010) it is on December 3rd and 4th, 8pm on Friday Night and 6pm on Saturday Night.  If you can get close to the start of the parade near where nine news is broadcasting and facing the Capital Building, you will have a Wonderful View and a Great Experience.  When our children were younger, they used to like to climb in a tree and watch from one of the branches, now we enjoy going to a diner near the end of the parade route and staying warm and having front row viewing as the floats go by.  It’s more exciting at or near the start of the parade and some years very crowded.  Towards the end of the parade the crowds dwindle, you can show up 45 minutes after start time at the end of the parade route and when you leave the roads won’t be as crowded.

Riding Light Rail to the Parade is a Fun Experience too!  Last year on the way home the light rail was very full but someone started singing Christmas Carols and the entire Car sang the entire trip.

You can add to the whole Holiday Experience by taking one of the Horse Carraige rides around Down Town. One year we did this with a huge group of people.  We had a lot of carriages together and again sang Christmas Carols.  That was a perfect Denver night with big snow flakes falling.

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