The most wonderful time of the year!

Tis the season for Holiday Cheer right? Well for Real Estate it is a interesting time of season. Most people are not in Real Estate Mode during the Holiday Season and this is the best time of year to be ready for a deal. Just because of the Major Holidays things do not stop happening. Lenders are still putting homes on the market and an inside source tells me that HUD is still putting homes on the market through the holidays. This is perfect for serious buyers as they have lots of inventory to choose from while people are distracted with figgy pudding and sugar plums they can sneak in like the infamous Grinch and snatch the equity out from under the tree.

This is also very important for Sellers. We usually have a decent rush of Buyers come through after the first of the year everyone decides to move forward with plans for 2011. Sellers will often wait until after the first to list. So it is my opinion that it is much better to be prepared and get the home ready to sell prior to the first so as not to miss the rush.

So keep in mind this season while watching football and drinking Egg Nog that the market keeps moving regardless of the time of year. Have a Happy Holiday Season,

The Kinslow Team


About kinslowii

I am a 26 year old Realtor in Denver CO, I was born in Aspen and I currently live in South East Aurora. I work with first time buyers, investors and anyone who does not want to deal with the Realtor from 1977, although I can wear plaid pants if it makes you feel better. I use technology to support my clients and I work a full time job in Real Estate. Listing Luxury homes as well as Rental units for investors cover's my experience from the lowest price ranges in the Denver metro all the way through the High End and everywhere in the middle. Real Estate Advice & Opinions Get this Widget
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