Virtual Realtor?

With technology ever-changing the way we live and work it does make lots of sense that using the tools we have is the way our Real Estate market is heading.

Lets pretend you are relocating to a new city and you have no idea where to buy your new home. Most relocation departments for corporations have assistance for finding a Realtor. Do you know who or where they get these people? Usually not, you are just told that they are going to be the person who is assisting your move and you go with it. Most company’s will fly you out to your new location for a home finding trip! Because we all know how likely it will be that you have less than a week to find and purchase your new house and you make it happen! LOL Lets think about the age we live in, we are all using computers and technology to help us find the areas and homes we want to live in but being in a different state, time zone or even country can make this process complicated at best. As a service to our clients we offer Virtual showing’s. We can narrow down your home search fairly quickly and you never have to leave your couch. schedule showings that work for your time frames and we can do a live tour via Skype or similar programs so you can actually see the homes LIVE via internet and ask questions just like you would in person. Now when you fly out for your short time frame to see the homes in person you will have wasted little time and only see the homes you really want! Coldwell Banker is on the leading edge with Real Estate and as our company is one of the largest in the country we can are likely available to work with your company’s Relocation Dept, just ask and we can look into it for you. Happy House Hunting,


About kinslowii

I am a 26 year old Realtor in Denver CO, I was born in Aspen and I currently live in South East Aurora. I work with first time buyers, investors and anyone who does not want to deal with the Realtor from 1977, although I can wear plaid pants if it makes you feel better. I use technology to support my clients and I work a full time job in Real Estate. Listing Luxury homes as well as Rental units for investors cover's my experience from the lowest price ranges in the Denver metro all the way through the High End and everywhere in the middle. Real Estate Advice & Opinions Get this Widget
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One Response to Virtual Realtor?

  1. Ryan Urbach says:

    Excellent post Mark. You are exactly right that this is a sign of the times and Skype is great tool to provide relocation buyers with information on homes. I can do the same by presenting loan documents and closing recaps to clients by inviting them onto my computer. It is awesome! What did we ever do without technology?

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